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Burn Permits

 Burn permits are issued only for:


Brush Stumps


Ongoing burns for construction and land clearing, roadway maintenance, and uncertified party's performing prescribed burns without a written plan require a burn permit issued by the local DNR Fire Manager.


Burn permits are NOT required: Cooking or recreational campfires Anytime there is continuous snow cover adjacent to your fire Household paper materials that does not contain plastic, rubber, foam, or textiles that is burned in a container constructed of metal or masonry, with a covering device having openings no larger than 3/4 of an inch


Items that can never be burned due to air quality regulations Demolition debris Construction materials Automotive parts Household trash that contains plastic, rubber, foam, chemically treated wood, textiles, electronics, chemicals or hazardous materialsSource:,4570,7-350-79136_79237_80917_81046---,00.html

For burn permits please contact


Elsie Village Hall Monday-Friday from 8 to 5pm



weekend permits call

Cheif Ormes 989-666-1404

Captain Grinnell 989-292-9499

How long do you need your Permit?
Where at on the property will you be burning?
What will you be burning?

Your Burn permit has been sent to EAFD

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