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Elsie Area Rescue is a division of Elsie Area Fire Department. Elsie Rescue provides a Medical First Response service.


Elsie Rescue is licensed by the State of Michigan and will respond to an emergency scene with a medical first responder, EMT, or Paramedic and equipment required by the state/medical control before the arrival of an ambulance.  


Elsie Rescue provides medical first response to an Advanced Life Support unit such as Clinton Area Ambulance and Moblie Medical Response. Elsie Rescue has 2 fully equipped Medical First Response Units. This includes medical equipment such as splints, bandages, airway adjuncts, defibrillators aka AED. Elsie Rescue also is equipped with special equipment for moving patients such as stair chairs, mega movers stokes baskets. These units respond to Heart Attacks, Strokes, Car Accidents, and event  standby ( Special events) rescue 1 is equipment with extrication equipment (aka The jaws of life)


The rescues have medical control privileges in Tri-County Medical Control ( Clinton, Ingham & Eaton County) along with Shiawassee medical control and Saginaw County Medical Control. 

Elsie Rescue provides CPR classes to the public every 3 months at their station. For more info go to our Training/Class page. 

The Fire Department is Led by Chief Chris Ormes EMT, and the Operation of the Rescue service is under the direction of Ast Chief Shane Grinnell, EMT

For More info about Elsie Rescue email Ast Chief Grinnell at or call 989-862-4273 Ext 7



      Rescue 1                 Rescue 2

           Medical/Extrication Unit                Medical Response

Rescue 2
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